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Backseat Conceptions provides comprehensive production and staffing services for commercials films and television. We are an innovative company that was founded in 2003 and has grown and evolved with industry over the years. We have and have provided services for hundreds of clients from unknown filmmakers to multinational companies. Through our experiences we have developed a system and an infrastructure that is geared for speed and quality.

This website backseat.work highlights the staffing, equipment and production services that we provide as well as providing insight into our company and the industry that we serve.

We provide comprehensive services (where we provide all services to a film) as well as individual or department specific staffing, equipment sourcing and rentals, production management, casting, locations, special effects, above the line consulting, development help as well as crew training and video services for regular businesses.

To see work that we have done you can go to our content website: backseatconcepitons.com

Backseat’s Los Angeles camera packages are now available on sharegrid

If you love renting gear but hate calling Zafer you can now rent Backseat's FS7 and A7s packages on sharegrid as well as a bunch of accessories. Don't forget to order extra batteries, people always forget to get enough batteries.

You can see the listings at this link

And if you are shooting in LA, you're going to need a DP. Contact us to hire Zafer "Goldeneyes" Ulkucu and his flying support staff, he's a Los Angeles local and available worldwide.

Moonlight Lighting Tests

These pictures are from a nighttime exterior test of the Moonlight in Philadelphia. The light used is the onboard 600w LED light that provides 2k of daylight balanced light. The pictures show a wide throw and good increase in light that is impressive for single source lighting. The light was at about 15 height because of overhead power lines.

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Rain Towers and Environmental Practical FX

Producers tend to shy away from shooting scenes in the rain, sleet or snow due to the additional costs and staffing needed to create environmental FX artificially. However, trying to add them in Post-production can cost twice as much and will never look as good as the real thing. Continue reading "Rain Towers and Environmental Practical FX"

Custom FX Knife and Weapon Fabrication

If you are shooting any kind of project which requires a knife or weapon being used in any type of stunt capacity, you always want to have an actor safe FX version that will not harm them in anyway. Backseat's Doug Sakmann specializes in being able to duplicate (or create from scratch) any kind of weapon you can imagine. The weapons can also be cast in any type of durable material (foam, urethane, soft or rigid plastic and more). This enables film crews to have multiple versions that are camera and actor safe but also look and feel the same as a real weapon on camera, as well as FX versions that can be retractable, incorporate spraying blood FX and more. Continue reading "Custom FX Knife and Weapon Fabrication"

Ghost Eye 400m Wireless Video Transmitter

The Ghost Eye 400 meter wireless video sender from Cinegears is the big boy of wireless video transmission. When you need rock solid long range video transmission that is suitable for broadcast and high quality commercial work, this is the solution. Continue reading "Ghost Eye 400m Wireless Video Transmitter"

Ghost Eye 150m Wireless Video Transmitter Kit

The Ghosteye wireless video transmitter from Cinegears provides 0 latency, uncompressed, full HD, wireless video transmission over 450 feet. It is reliable and simple to use, we use it constantly and have great results with it. Continue reading "Ghost Eye 150m Wireless Video Transmitter Kit"

Suddenly investing in Independent Films is a good idea again!

After the sales Frenzy at this year's Sundance Film Festival the tables have changed again for the state of independent film as a business.
For years the prices paid by studios to acquire independent films has been going down. This decline was based on many factors but the biggest one was decline of DVD sales which provided a buffer of profit because people would buy tons of DVDs. This buffer allowed studios to spend more per film on more films knowing that not all of them would turn a profit but the extra money from DVD sales would keep everything in the black. Since that profit stream is basically gone the distributors have had to be more thrifty.
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Producer Bio: Zafer Ulkucu

Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Producer / Director

Since he emerged from the jungles of Peru in 2009 Zafer has primerailly worked as a Director of Photography for the past 10 years. He's worked on reality television including: I'm Amish Get Me Out Of Here, Duck Dyansty,My Husband's Not Gay, I Guess My Husband Was Actually Gay, Breaking Amish, Amish Mafia and Continue reading "Producer Bio: Zafer Ulkucu"