Backseat’s Off Site Media Management Service for Films

Often a film will build its team in stages. A film might have a production team and technical crew in place and be budgeted and ready to shoot before the producers have had time to build their post production team. This could be because they don’t have the money to “even worry about it now” or it may be because they have some post production connections who they will “talk to after we shoot”. In these cases the producers are adding risk to the film by not processing the footage as they shoot, in this situation bad things can happen to good movies.

Even a good size project can be in production without a post-production solution in place. Because of this reality we have developed a service to help films that are in this situation. The Backseat Media Management Service is designed to get your project post ready in the most cost effective, time sensitive and professional way. Our service gives you all the security and benefits of having a post team in place without having to make upper-level staffing decisions prematurely.

The way the service works is each shooting day you ship or deliver a copy of the footage to our facility in Philadelphia Sound Stages and in eight hours or less we process all of your footage: doing the jobs of an assistant editor: quality checks, syncing, organizing, logging, sending dallies back to set and most importantly managing a set of back-ups of the footage. As the work is done a perfectly organized premiere project is built and will ready to deliver to an editor when one joins the project.

When the project is prepped using our service your eventual editor will be able to get right into the editing and not have to loose days or weeks making sense of folders of disorganized footage; thanks to our service you will get maximum output and efficiency out of editor.

It is not uncommon for a film to have a “dit” or digital loader on set, in fact these days it’s pretty much essential but often, especially on small films that crew might have multiple responsibilities and be unable to process and manage the footage as well as a dedicated facility can. That’s where we come in.

Too commonly on projects, footage is dumped on a hard drive and that hard drive sits for weeks or even months before an editor looks at it, often to find some simple technical problem or omission that, if it had been caught during production, would have been easily fixed.

When you use our service we can process all of your media including behind the scenes footage, the actual footage you shoot, audio, shooting logs, continuity photos, behind the scenes stills and we can even dialogue with your crew and collect their behind the scenes stills and media for your eventual use as social media promotions.

Since you can ship the footage to us this service is available nationwide but if you are shooting in PA and applying for the PA Film Tax Credit our service has the added benefit of being provided by an in-state company. So if you have a post production solution in place, but that company is out of state, we can do the prep work and that portion of the budget goes towards your in-state spend.

If you have an upcoming job or are in production and suddenly find that you need a post-production safety net, contact us. The Backseat Media Management Service is the first step towards a smooth post-production process. Too many films take too long to complete because of post-production slowdowns and problems. With our service you will save money in the long run but more importantly you will save time and avoid potential disasters by using our established and tested system.