Filming In Philadelphia / PA with Backseat Conceptions

Benefits of Shooting in Philadelphia / Pennsylvania

  • Lower Lodging Costs than most major cities: Hotels are 40%-70% cheaper than NYC, there are excellent long term crew housing options. PA film office waives hotel tax for long stays as well, which is an additional %6 savings).
  • Philadelphia has streets that can match any city in the US and many European cities. A perfect match for NYC streets!
  • Amazing and Affordable Locations: Unseen industrial locations, Layers of Urban Decay interspersed between historic buildings and museums, modern architecture, the city is surrounded by hundreds of miles of parks and natural wilderness.
  • PA Film Incentive Tax Credit: Filmmakers receive 25% of the PA spend as long as you spend 60% of your below the line money in PA. The NY post-production tax incentive is engineered to work with PA production tax rebate program (shoot in PA + edit in NY = get both tax credits)
  • Local Crew: There is a wealth of skilled filmmaking professionals in Philly both union and non-union.
  • Bring Your Own Crew: All wages paid to in PA count towards the PA in-state spend. So you can augment our great local crew with whomever you like and still earn the tax incentive.
  • Easy and cheap transport to NY: Reliable transportation from NYC starting at $10 per trip. Less than 2 hour drive time.
  • Convenient major airport, serves international flights and is much quicker and easier to deal with than NYC airports
  • Special Attention: Unlike NYC which is overcapacity due to TV shows, big movies and a thousand non-film events, Philadelphia gets excited about Film Projects. The Film Office always goes out of their way to provide support, the same goes for the local SAG rep and other local resources.
  • The Best Film Office: The Philadelphia Film Office is a valued partner to all projects that shoot in the area and a great ally to Backseat Conceptions.
  • Ease of logistics: Philly has all the same types of businesses and locations as other cities but with lower overhead this translates to cheaper locations with more attractive terms. Also it’s easier to get around, park and manage a fleet of vehicles.
  • Philly Flavor: Philadelphia is a diverse city that is bigger than ab-roll of a person on line to buy a cheesesteak. As a free-thinking company we’ve developed a rich and colorful rolodex of interesting and enthusiastic people and groups. Do you want a fleet of roller derby racers, a horde of metal heads, a gang of teenage outlaw bikers, Philly has it all. From handmade vintage racecars to hand knitted yarn covered bicycles the things we will find for you in Philadelphia will add those extra elements to your project that will make it special.

Why use Backseat Conceptions as a production company in Philly / Pennsylvania?

  • Individual or Comprehensive Services Backseat partners on all sorts of projects. Sometimes we will just part of a job: managing the budget and all the staffing and logistics of one or two departments of a film. On other jobs Backseat will provide comprehensive services from equipment, staffing, casting, pre and post production. We have an equipment package that is curated to pack a major production punch for a fair price as well as our A-Team of technicians, actors and creatives who we have worked with for years. Our comprehensive services are complimented by our fleet of production vehicles which are impressive, save time and increase production value.
  • Focus on Production We are known as experts in large scale organization for complex projects. Our team of production professionals train in our system for years before they are promoted. And new hires who come from other backgrounds are trained on our system and not put in the field until they pass our skills tests. There’s no, unskilled producers on our team, no people who don’t know their job, no weak production. The strong production that Backseat provides means that more of the resources go into production value and making compelling content.
  • We Are Experts in the PA Tax Incentive
    • The PA tax credit is good but it can be complicated. We can demystify it for you with our expertise as well as our longstanding contacts at the PA film office and the tax credit specialist at Media Services.
    • Payroll Services: A key part of the tax credit is paying all the appropriate PA wage taxes. This can be time consuming and have a major accounting cost at the end of the year for a production company that tries to go-it-alone. Backseat handles all the payroll and taxes for the job and delivers detailed reports. After the job the client is not responsible for any additional employee-specific tax paperwork.
    • Auditing: The program requires an outside audit of production expenses for projects budgeted over $350k. With Backseat as the production company you can be sure that that is a simple process with no surprises.
  • One In-State Invoice

As a production services and staffing company you have the ease of knowing that whatever services and staffing will be encapsulated in one in-state invoice which fits perfectly with your tax incentive application.

  • You Can Rent From Anywhere

A key point of the PA tax incentive is that it requires that 60% of a film’s below the line expenditures take place in PA, the more you spend in PA the more you get back in the rebate. This means that if you want to rent a camera or some equipment from another state that it will NOT count towards your 60%. But when you use Backseat as a production company we (as a PA company) can sub-rent the equipment and the expense WILL count towards your PA spend.

  • We Have Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Offices

The other film center in Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh; it has great studios & crew and is an iconic film town with amazing city and rural exteriors. Backseat has a Pittsburgh office and Local Producers so your project can take advantage of the best of both cities.

  • Constant Contacts From our twenty years in the city, producing films, running promotional events to a very broad range of cultures and sub-cultures and through our training program which is always producing short films. We are constantly adding to our database of casting resources, friendly locations and local vendors that are film friendly.
  • Backseat Conceptions Production Services Are Massive

Backseat has an impressive set of Production services that we have developed and built on since 2002. We’re not just a production company with some coolers to rent we are the Production Cloud that takes your job from a loose affair to a system, as detailed on the following page.