Producer Bio: Phil Rush

Assistant Director, Producer, Associate Producer, Director

Pittsburg local Phil Rush is the lead Assistant Director (AD) in the Backseat roster. His constant work on films in and around Pittsburgh and connections to various training programs allow Phil to have access to the best new talent entering the workforce. As an AD, his calm demeanor and disarming charm are the exact opposite of what people think about when they imagine a film AD, he’s affable, knowledgeable and his sets run smoothly.

Phil’s scheduling work is exceptional and has been proven by many successful films that he has scheduled and helped produce. He’s so good that he was featured in Starz Network’s reality series ‘The Chair’ doing his daily duties as an AD. He is our main contact in Pittsburgh and has full capacity to run jobs there.

Phillip Rush began his film journey when he met SPFX Guru Tom Savini while visiting the Douglas Educational Center. Since that day he has dedicated his life to working in the film industry. Phillip is now a Producer with Backseat Conceptions developing feature films. He has worked on film and television shows predominately as an Assistant Director but has recently made the transition to writing and directing, most recently with his short film ‘The Vig’ and the made for TV ‘Feast of the Seven Fishes’.