Producer Bio: Zafer Ulkucu

Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Producer / Director

Since he emerged from the jungles of Peru shooting a documentary in 2009, Zafer has primarily worked as a Director of Photography. He’s worked on reality television including: I’m Amish Get Me Out Of Here, Duck Dynasty, My Husband’s Not Gay, I Guess My Husband Was Actually Gay, Breaking Amish, Amish Mafia and more.

A Los Angeles local Zafer  aka “Coach” manages the Backseat Conceptions Sony Fs7 package which is a reality TV ready package optimized for long hard shoots and has shot for programs such as “Celebrity Fit Club” and broadcasters such as VICE and MTV. Zafer also produces music video and short films in Los Angeles from Backseat’s office there.

As the “eyes of the Voltron” Zafer is a top choice for a DP for films as he is the living embodiment of having the vision and emotional connection to the visual medium of a DP along with the time management and production understanding of a television camera DP who has a extensive background in independent films.