Producer Bio: Doug Sakmann

Director, Producer, Special Effects Icon, Production Designer, Locations Manager, Press Relations / Marketing

Doug is known for accomplishing what could not be done using his extensive knowledge of the industry and bench of skilled contacts including hundreds of special effects make-up artists nationwide. He often can be found coordinating multiple departments on a production to help them operate at maximum efficiency and is known for producing and directing fun, exciting projects. As a partner of Backseat Doug brings his boundless energy and contagious good will to everything he works on.

His 20+ year experience in genre film making translates not just to technical knowledge but also a deep understanding of distribution, marketing and promotions.  It is not uncommon for Doug to be brought onto a project as a crew member and get promoted to a producer because of his incredible value and skills. 

After a three year stint as production manager and FX artist for famed B-Movie monster house Troma Entertainment (the longest running indie studio in the world), in 2002 Doug Sakmann co-founded Backseat Conceptions. In 2003 Doug directed his first feature, “Punk Rock Holocaust“. The movie, a horror comedy set on the Vans Warped Tour (the biggest touring music festival in the U.S., now in it’s 23rd year) was released theatrically and on DVD in the U.S. and around the world. The movie spawned a sequel (released in 2008) with a third film set to be released in 2017. Through these movies and his work at Troma, Sakmann built a reputation in the horror community and has been sought out to direct and produce many horror themed movies and projects. Sakmann has produced over 35 feature films and has production managed or coordinated a wide variety of projects. He has also directed several of his own feature films as well as many music videos, short films and viral campaigns. Sakmann also has fifteen years experience as an accomplished and award winning Special FX artist.

All of the movies Sakmann has directed have screened as official selections of film festivals around the world. Additionally most of his movies have had theatrical runs in several major cities as well as a wide DVD release in most major retailers in North America. Amassing a rabid cult following and critical acclaim, the original Punk Rock Holocaust is a featured film in the Syllabus of the New York University ‘Punk Cinema’ course and the horror series was even featured in a retrospective at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.

In 2007 Sakmann founded the NYC Zombie Crawl an organization which sets up zombie themed events in the NY Area as well as provides zombie SFX makeup for movies, TV and nationally touring acts. Sakmann has personally created & coordinated zombie makeup and events for clients including Sony Pictures, AMC, The Walking Dead, Sega, the Tribeca Film Festival, NBC, Bravo Networks, the Travel Channel and much more. The group’s bi-annual events are going into their eleventh successful year, with massive zombie crawl events planned for the Spring and Fall.

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