Meet the Bus!

Check out this video for your new best friend, the Backseat Bus. It’s the Swiss Army Bus of a film set with everything that a shoot needs – it’s a mobile production office that can house multiple departments at the same time – wardrobe, hair, makeup, craft service and more!

From expendables, to a full bathroom, to a warm (or) air conditioned rain proof area where your actors can talk about projects they were recently in and mention celebrities involved with those projects. You can store your gear on it, have your camera department run media management from it, use it as a client monitoring area or pretty much anything you can think of! 

The video features UAV aerial photography from Amin Saidi who we worked on Amish Mafia with and edited in after effects by Nick with help from the BCAP.

You can get all the details on the bus at it’s page HERE. Or call / text us at 215-235-5603 to check availability and make a booking.