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Backseat Conceptions provides comprehensive production and staffing services for all types of media including commercials, movies and television. We are an innovative company that has grown and evolved with the industry over the years, providing services for hundreds of clients - from unknown filmmakers to multinational companies. Through these experiences we have developed a system and infrastructure that is geared for speed and quality.

The Backseat.work website highlights the production services and equipment that we provide whether we're the lead production company or providing department specific staffing. We can cover any aspect of the job for you including production management, camera and electric departments, practical & special FX, production design, above the line consulting, project development assistance and much more. We also offer crew training and video services for private businesses, setting you up with an infrastructure for you to produce your own content.

To get a taste of some of our past work check out our portfolio website here! 

Producer Bio: Zafer Ulkucu

Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Producer / Director

Since he emerged from the jungles of Peru in 2009 Zafer has primerailly worked as a Director of Photography for the past 10 years. He's worked on reality television including: I'm Amish Get Me Out Of Here, Duck Dyansty,My Husband's Not Gay, I Guess My Husband Was Actually Gay, Breaking Amish, Amish Mafia and Continue reading "Producer Bio: Zafer Ulkucu"

Producer Bio: Nick Esposito

Line Producer, Production Manager, Post Production Supervisor, After Effects Artist, Video Assist Operator / VTR, Video Engineer.

As the line producer of Backseat Conceptions Nick has developed most of the systems and internal protocols of the company, with an emphasis on project scalability, efficiency and integration he designs methods that fit into the standard operation of a film set but work better.

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Producer Bio: Phil Rush

Assistant Director, Producer, Associate Producer, Director

Pittsburg local Phil Rush is the lead AD in the Backseat roster. His constant work on films in and around Pittsburgh and connections to various training programs (including the BCAP) allow Phil to have access to the best new talent entering the workforce. As an Assistant Director (AD) his calm demeanor and disarming charm are the exact opposite of what people think about when they imagine a film AD, he's affable, knowledgeable and his sets run smoothly.

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