Backseat’s Los Angeles camera packages are now available on sharegrid

If you love renting gear but hate calling Zafer you can now rent Backseat’s FS7 and A7s packages on sharegrid as well as a bunch of accessories. Continue reading “Backseat’s Los Angeles camera packages are now available on sharegrid”

Ghost Eye 400m Wireless Video Transmitter

The Ghost Eye 400 meter wireless video sender from Cinegears is the big boy of wireless video transmission. When you need rock solid long range video transmission that is suitable for broadcast and high quality commercial work, this is the solution. Continue reading “Ghost Eye 400m Wireless Video Transmitter”

Ghost Eye 150m Wireless Video Transmitter Kit

The Ghosteye wireless video transmitter from Cinegears provides 0 latency, uncompressed, full HD, wireless video transmission over 450 feet. It is reliable and simple to use, we use it constantly and have great results with it. Continue reading “Ghost Eye 150m Wireless Video Transmitter Kit”

VTR Kit / Mobile Broadcasting Studio

Our Mobile Studio is a custom built aluminum stack with a monitor array, digital switching matrix, CPU interface and a four channel Q7+ recorder / mixer. It is a complete studio on wheels which allows the application of complex workflows including Video Assist (VTR), live editing, mobile control room perfect for broadcast or live internet distribution. Continue reading “VTR Kit / Mobile Broadcasting Studio”