Some nice words from past partners and clients

Thoughts from clients about working with the Backseat Team:

“Backseat has been instrumental to the body of works I’ve produced. Practical effects, casting, media management, graphics… Name it, they do it, with efficiency and personality!” - Joe Frantz: Director, MTV, Discovery Networks

“Backseat Conceptions can pull miracles out of their magical school bus! On numerous occasions they’ve saved me Continue reading "Some nice words from past partners and clients"

Training Videos Produced by Backseat

From our work with the Backseat Conceptions Apprentice Program we've developed a specialty in producing training videos. One thing we've found from mentoring over 200 apprentices in nearly twenty years is that people absorb information in different ways and at different paces. A well produced training video give you the employer the opportunity to get the most out of your new hires by giving them information in a form that they can absorb more actively than reading a manual or getting a lecture.

Using our Mobile Studio we are able to record high quality multi-angle instructional videos that have a quick post production turnaround. Continue reading "Training Videos Produced by Backseat"

Facebook Live Broadcasting Available

Top brands, events and entertainers are using Facebook live to communicate with audiences directly. One of the ongoing problems of FB loive broadcasting is finding a balance between the overly raw "straight from the cell phone" feel of a FB live broadcast and the time delay that occurs in the traditional production of high quality media. Backseat's Mobile Studio is the solution to these issues. This small highly portable rolling studio allows professional quality multi-camera facebook live broadcasts in real time.

Using the our Mobile Studio we can produce high quality facebook live broadcasts utilizing multiple professional cameras, live editing as well as incorporating full quality video sources such as computer desktops, video conferencing, online videos, power point presentations, motion graphics, etc. Continue reading "Facebook Live Broadcasting Available"