“When you hire through Backseat, you can rest assured knowing that you are paying for people who actually know what they are doing.”

Backseat Conceptions LLC. is a staffing agency for non-union crew members nationwide. Our crew regularly work on feature films, television shows and commercials for national clients. The hallmark of a Backseat crew member is that they know their job, they take it seriously and they do it well.

If you are in production or pre-production, the best thing that you can do is to hire as many of our people as soon as possible. It may be a bold thing to say but it is the truth, when you hire through Backseat you can rest assured knowing that you are paying for people who actually know what they are doing. And since they are working under the umbrella of Backseat; we stay active with the crew to make sure the job is going smoothly. If changes need to be made, we make those changes in a smooth an efficient way. If you need ten more people, you just do your job and we’ll find the right people for the job, there’s no stress and no wasted time.

Whether you need one camera operator or a full crew for a feature film, Backseat can staff your job with efficient and talented crew members who are intensely qualified. We make a commitment to the crew who we represent and put significant resources into their training with a emphasis on shared methods, best practices and active participation. Meaning they know what they are doing, work in an efficient way and understand why they are doing the tasks they are given.

In addition to providing staffing services we also provide production services a-la-carte. For example we can manage payroll for your job if needed, or one of our staff coordinators can jump on your job and work from our office on that one day when you really need the extra production help. Whatever the case we have it covered with our team.

The hard thing about independent productions is that on each project, small companies or lone producers are “putting the machine together” they are mixing new people together hoping to make a great crew, they are trying new business methods hoping to get a system. When you work with Backseat and our team you have the benefit of a crew and a team and a system that has nearly twenty years of continuity. You are working with people who have been doing what you need them to do, as a team, for years.

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