The Backseat Bus

Built by production, for production and working since 2010 the Backseat Bus is a great time saver on set. With the bus your crew does not have to work out of minivans or on the side of the road. Dry work space, bathrooms, clean power, area lighting, internet, the bus has it all. Take control of your exteriors, reduce loss, increase efficiency and have a impressive piece of equipment on set that is purpose build for film work.

The Backseat Bus is the “Swiss Army Bus of a film production” with the comfort of an RV and the toughness of a grip truck. The Bus features the storage space of a cube truck and crew capacity of 14. The interior is a multi-department workspace with reliable power sources and a clean bathroom. The Backseat Bus saves money by replacing multiple vehicles and provides convenient facilities which enables more shooting time.


Includes hundreds of production items from the common to obscure.

  • Production area with multifunction printer and label printer and an wireless internet with extended router and a multi-desk work space.
  • Loaded Kits Included: AD kit, office supplies, first-aid/safety kit, rain cover kit, cable kit, cleaning supplies, painting kit, production supplies and G&E expendables.
  • Full power distribution with generator, exterior flood lighting, multiple battery banks, inverters, power conditioners and plug in options for uninterrupted power (no matter the noise requirements).
  • Clean conditioned power from APC for sensitive electronics.
  • Removable food prep and storage area, two coolers, coffee / tea makers and serving items.
  • Monitors, cables, media players, high quality speakers and a karaoke setup.
  • Comfortable bathroom with sink, toilet, urinal and running water.
  • Digital combination safe.
  • Eight folding chairs and four 2 x 4″ folding tables.
  • Food service capability that can serve meals off the bus exterior.
  • Includes insured and approved Backseat driver.

Bus Rental Terms

  • The bus is parked in Philadelphia, mileage is calculated from the garage.
  • The base price includes 25 miles per rental. Additional mileage is charged at $1 per mile which covers gas and mechanical for the bus. All tolls are billed additionally. There is a $50 dump fee per week per job to cover the disposal of the human waste.
  • Bus rentals are 12 hour days. Driver OT is $50 an hour after 12. Travel time counts as work time. On long rentals driver travel days are charged.
  • Renters are required to provide legal secure overnight parking and lodging for the driver if needed.
  • Expendables will be charged as used.
  • If requested we can take the production garbage at the end of the shoot. There is a dumpster fee based on volume.
  • Bus must be driven by a Backseat driver. Union jobs will require a teamster whose rates are NOT included.
  • Payable via credit card check or wire.
  • Deposit required before job and payment required on wrap.
  • Contact 215-235-5603 to discuss payment methods and estimates.

Additional Load-outs

Turn the bus into an Art Department, a Wardrobe Department, a Hair or Makeup Trailer or a VIP lounge for your clients and producers. Additional add-ons available upon request (equipment, crew, etc.).

Wardrobe/Makeup/Hair Load-out:

We can remove the top bunk and install a reenforced wardrobe bar creating a 7′ long wardrobe rack that accommodates full length dresses. The bottom bunk creates a shelf for additional wardrobe items. Includes steamer, hangers, iron and board, Full length mirror, Makeup mirror and garment bags.

Art Dept Load-out:

Includes multiple power drills, saws, air compressor with air tools, hand tools, hand truck and an assortment of screws, bits, fasteners, painting supplies, packing expendables, a spray kit and furniture protection. We will customize the load-out to the requirements of your job.

Media Management Kit Load-out:

This is a turbocharged Macbook Pro in a custom enclosure that holds multiple hard drives that stand up to the rigors of location work. It includes preview monitors and a large RAID5 hard drive that enable speed and data backups. The kit takes up 2 feet of the bunk leaving 5 feet for camera department use or storage. It can also be removed from the bus and used on set.

Storage/Workspace Load-out:

This means the bunk will be empty. It is a padded steel bunk with tie down ropes. Each bunk is 7’x24″wide by 22″ tall and can support over 1000 lbs.

Production Load-out:

Includes, coolers, parking cones, pop-up tents, folding tables and folding chairs. Quantities based on your job needs.

SPFX Load-out:

Includes whatever specific items needed for your effects. Such as : makeup/prosthetics, air brush kit, blood pumps and tubing, rain, water, fire, air cannon and other tools and expendables required for practical special effects. Backseat’s expert SPFX coordinator Doug Sakmann will consult to ensure all of your effects needs are met.

ENG/BTS/Event Coverage Load-out:

Includes camera package (Sony FS7 ) audio kit (2 wireless Lavs, boom, mixer, wireless handheld), LED Interview light kit and stands.

Green Screen Load-out:

The interior of the bus set up as a green screen interview area. Also includes a 10×20 free standing Green Screen with green screen lighting.

Contact or call 215-235-5603 for additional questions.

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