The Moonlight

A full-size grip van with a thirty foot boom arm on it, the Moonlight works as a lighting truck, a camera crane, effects truck and a generator van. The moonlight is fully wired with cameras and monitors to position the arm from within the van.

For lighting, our super-powered daylight balanced LED floodlight puts out over 2K of light and fills super wide areas. The light is powered by our on-board generator so you can be floating moonlight in less than 6 minutes with total resets and re-position in minutes. Totally self sufficient, quiet and very bright the moonlight will save your production time and money. Or if you want to use an HMI there is a junior mount on the bucket and we can add the HMI of your choice to the rental.

The bucket is wired with cameras and work lights so the arm can be remotely aimed and pre-positioned with ease. No more loosing grips because they have to camp up in a condor, with the Moonlight you can control and re-position the light from the ground.

As a camera platform the Moonlight enables exciting and dynamic aerial photography including impressive time-lapse shots. the consistent speed and motion path of the arm gives a motion controlled move that can be used for dramatic moving time-lapse that are limited only by your imagination. Use a 4k Gopro or add a high-hat and your camera operator to shoot with whatever camera you choose.

Moonlight Facts

  • The arm supports 300 lbs so you can put any film light on it.
  • The moonlight has a 2k generator on-board in a sound insulated and vented generator area, add your own larger generator or ask us to add an larger generator to the package and the Moonlight works as a power distribution van also.
  • The arm has work-lights and wireless video feeds on it to illuminate a wide area while the crew sets up.
  • The moonlight rate includes a driver. There’s no OT on the Moonlight, driver OT starts at 10 hours.
  • The arm goes from ground level to full height in 42 seconds.
  • The arm has an integrated AC line that handles 12 amp of power

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