Backseat is a company that provides comprehensive services for feature films, television and national commercials.

We are a turn-key company that provides employees, equipment and services for all phases of a production.

We use the industry’s best practices and provide solutions dictated by the realities of the budget range. Our work is fortified by nearly two decades of experience producing media and developing crew & services to meet the demands of film production.

Since 2003 Backseat has partnered on over 40 feature films, many of which have gone onto successful theatrical runs and international distribution. And the company has produced hundreds of short films, music videos and commercials.

You deliver the budget, the project details and your must-hires and we can take care of the rest.

As the lead production company we have achieved amazing and award winning results for films budgeted from 20k-350k. As a service company we have worked on projects in a much larger range. With the recent updates to our fleet and crew, Backseat is optimally configured to produce films in the 5-6 million dollar budget range.

In 2015, Backseat intensified its focus on production capacity specifically for feature films and in 2016 we increased our investment in equipment so we can be a one-stop shop. You will find that with Backseat it is possible to achieve more, faster and better than ever expected at the budget range that is available.

In addition to the physical work, we run jobs with the correct compliance in terms of tax reporting, union requirements, employee contracts and all of non-glamorous essentials that make up the business of film and are a requirement to participate in state tax incentives.

Our main offices are at Philadelphia Soundstages in Philadelphia with a Production Showroom where you can come and see the tools and mobile kits that we use on location. We have satellite offices in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Louisville so we’re always close to the action.

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