Crew Training

The Backseat Conceptions Apprentice Program is the job training and internship program of Backseat Conceptions. It is a structured program with the goal of turning interested individuals into valued team members. In addition to technical skills and production understanding we also train creative skills such as producing and directing in the BCAP through our Filmmaking Projects which are short films and commercial work done by the BCAP team. By combining skills and creative work in an ongoing program we have developed a great team that regularly produces quality work on their own steam.

Our emphasis on teamwork starts with a shared system of work “The Backseat System” which provides a blueprint for individual and collective work. We train using the same professional methods that we use on sets and BCAP members have access to our company intranet that has all the methods and protocols that we have used for the past 20 years to make excellent productions work.

The work skills are augmented with modules that cover workplace attitude, production skills, life lessons and department related training.

Overall the system is designed to create an entry level professional that has more practical ability, information and time-management skills than the average person who self-identifies as a director. A film is an enterprise that requires a team to complete. You may have rockstar skills but if you can’t work efficiently in a structured way with a group then you can’t make a film in a professional environment.

This program is not available anywhere else and it is not a collection of “film-making tips” it is not an overview of the history of film or a program that focuses on your personal creative ambitions. This program is designed to make crew members who employers respect and trust and impart in those crewmembers the critical and creative skills to grow into creatives once they have established themselves as “crew”.

The program is open to college students as internships or private students either through the Radio Recording Film Connection. We also offer professional training modules for crew who has some experience but wants to step up to the next level.

The program runs year round with training three days a week and shooting film projects three weekends a month.