Production Under The Hood: You Focus On the Creative and We Handle the Logistics

With new jobs come new challenges that you did not expect. Every moment that you spend on production hassles is one less minute you are creating compelling content and amazing images.

Facing unforeseen production challenges takes you away from what you do best and makes you look unprepared to clients.

Don’t learn on the job, use Backseat Conceptions Production services to bridge the gap between your company’s capabilities and needs.

Rely on our 20+ years of experience to keep your job running smooth and professional. From single tasks to comprehensive services Backseat has the production skill and experience that you need. Continue reading “Production Under The Hood: You Focus On the Creative and We Handle the Logistics”

Meet the Bus!

Check out this video for your new best friend, the Backseat Bus. It’s the Swiss Army Bus of a film set with everything that a shoot needs – it’s a mobile production office that can house multiple departments at the same time – wardrobe, hair, makeup, craft service and more! Continue reading “Meet the Bus!”

Backseat’s Off Site Media Management Service for Films

Often a film will build its team in stages. A film might have a production team and technical crew in place and be budgeted and ready to shoot before the producers have had time to build their post production team. This could be because they don’t have the money to “even worry about it now” or it may be because they have some post production connections who they will “talk to after we shoot”. In these cases the producers are adding risk to the film by not processing the footage as they shoot, in this situation bad things can happen to good movies. Continue reading “Backseat’s Off Site Media Management Service for Films”