Ghost Eye 400m Wireless Video Transmitter

The Ghost Eye 400 meter wireless video sender from Cinegears is the big boy of wireless video transmission. When you need rock solid long range video transmission that is suitable for broadcast and high quality commercial work, this is the solution. Continue reading "Ghost Eye 400m Wireless Video Transmitter"

Ghost Eye 150m Wireless Video Transmitter Kit

The Ghosteye wireless video transmitter from Cinegears provides 0 latency, uncompressed, full HD, wireless video transmission over 450 feet. It is reliable and simple to use, we use it constantly and have great results with it. Continue reading "Ghost Eye 150m Wireless Video Transmitter Kit"

Training Videos Produced by Backseat

From our work with the Backseat Conceptions Apprentice Program we've developed a specialty in producing training videos. One thing we've found from mentoring over 200 apprentices in nearly twenty years is that people absorb information in different ways and at different paces. A well produced training video give you the employer the opportunity to get the most out of your new hires by giving them information in a form that they can absorb more actively than reading a manual or getting a lecture.

Using our Mobile Studio we are able to record high quality multi-angle instructional videos that have a quick post production turnaround. Continue reading "Training Videos Produced by Backseat"