Video Assist / VTR / On Set Video Playback

Our Video Assist Package provides standard and advanced tools that give your director, crew and clients total access to live footage, shot footage and reference materials such as storyboards and pre-visualizations. Integrating multi-camera capture, live edits, lut support, wireless video and a matrix of high quality displays our VTR package adds a visually impressive element to your set that speeds communication and increases the quality of the end product.

Using our package your director to communicate the creative vision as well as allowing the crew and clients to review footage without delaying shooting. It is designed for national commercials, built to thrive in tough on set environments and has a deep set of features that films and other technically demanding projects can appreciate.

The package captures and plays back up to 4 cameras in full HD or single stream 4k as a master with full audio routing and a display options including handheld monitor, client monitor and directors monitor in the standard configuration.

Video Assist Kit Features:

  • Individual Video Village and Directors Monitor Stations
  • 4 channel synced capture and playback of full HD
  • Breakout wireless handheld monitor included in package
  • Integrated wireless video systems for monitors
  • Audio routing with separate speakers for viewing stations (audio on playback, mute on live standard).
  • Basic editing, screen capture, playback and effects playback included standard.
  • Quick set-up, highly portable system with battery powered options.
  • A highly adaptable system with extensive functionality and routing options.
  • 4k and 4k Raw master, recording & playback available.
  • DIT kit available as add-on.
  • Media Management available as add-on.
  • Location Sound mixing and recording available as add-on.

This package and video assist operator are prepared for any AV challenge that you have.

Video Assist Operator:

Nick Esposito 917-620-6387

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